The journey to perfecting my Carne Loca began many years ago at my parents home in Whittier.
Growing up in a Russian home, my mom and dad were both great cooks. Based on my mother’s recipe for what she called ‘chili meat,’ I began experimenting. Different cuts of meat, cook times, seasoning, you name it, I tried it. Then, in 2003, in my quest for the perfect recipe, and the prettiest girl I ever met, I found that missing piece. She was from Sao Paulo, and it was then that I learned of the Brazilian dish called Carne Loca.  I learned more about spices, prep and cooking techniques from my wife and my mother in law. Finally, I am a Mexican Food junkie! Growing up in Los Angeles, I’ve copped quite a bit of the East L.A. flavor! I like to think of my Carne Loca as the perfect blend of Russo-Brazilian-Mexican styles. Only in L.A., right?
You really gotta try this!  


Our Carne Loca is BBQ in the same way that New Orleans BBQ Shrimp is BBQ.
That is to say, it’s not BBQ’d at all. No mind, because if you’ve ever had New Orleans BBQ Shrimp,
you know it’s Bon Temps Roule!!

Carne Loca is slow cooked chuck roast with Big J -n- Lil’ J’s special blend of herbs and spices. By the time we’re done giving it our magic touch, it is fork tender, melt in your mouth, MUITO BOM!! (That means VERY GOOD!! in Portuguese). catering box lunch


Big J -n- Lil’ J’s Carne Loca menu ain’t fancy or complicated. 

This helps us focus on our #1 Goal - Three dishes, to perfection, every time!

#1 Our succulent Carne Loca is served on a freshly baked roll and can be accented with your choice of condiments. Cheese, mayonnaise or mustard all goes well with the sandwich, but we recommend you try your first bite just as it is. 

#2 Our own take on the Brazilian classic, Feijoada, which is a combination of pinto and black beans, sausage and bacon. Sparsely seasoned with salt, onions, and garlic, these ingredients

don’t need too much help from us to bring a smile to your lips.

#3 To top it all off, we serve a brightly seasoned slaw made with just enough red pepper and vinegar zing! It’s the perfect complement to the earthy richness of the Carne Loca and Feijoada! 


Like our menu, our approach to achieving perfection (or getting pretty dang close) is as simple as it is reliable - 

  1. - We only use USDA Choice Beef
  2. - We locally source our bread, which is baked fresh daily
  3. - We only use fresh, handpicked produce
  4. - Nothing is pre packaged, we do it all from scratch

Finally, and most importantly, we are motivated by our love for cooking.

 We love to see the smile on your face after that first taste. And, we love to hear, “WOW, that is the BOMB!” (That is a direct quote from a bunch of people who’ve tried Big J -n- Lil’ J’s Carne Loca.) 

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So, if you are planning a get together, wether it’s 15 close friends and family, or a big shin dig of 50+, offer your guests something  that’ll make their taste buds jump! Give ‘em something unique and oh so gooood! Pricing ranges from about $8-$10 bucks per person. Give us a call, and we’ll let the Carne Loca do the talking for us!  

Warm Regards,

Big J -n- Lil’ J

Big J -n- Lil' J Carne Loca


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